Sheeps Quest

Sheeps Quest

This game presents a herd of sheep in a farm, which is falling apart
4.0  (1 vote)

This game presents a herd of sheep in a farm, which is falling apart. Will you be able to rebuild their home? To do this, you have to guide the animals through seven challenging game worlds so you can collect enough coins to pay for the restoration of their magnificent farm. You can guide the animals away from the enemies and obstacles by placing arrows on the ground and direct them onto jump pads that will toss them over ranging waters.
You will have bonuses to help you reach the highest level in this fantastic puzzle game. In addition, you can spend money your sheep gathers on upgrades for their farm. You will also enjoy the colorful graphics and great audio.
The critics are calling it “Sheer fun”. You will love this game.
Key game features include 85 levels to solve, seven worlds to conquer, six enemies to avoid, six bonuses to use, 17 farm upgrades to earn, 30 obstacles to avoid, unlimited game time, free upgrades to newer versions and full technical and customer support.
Are you ready? The trip is about to start…

Review summary


  • Great and colorful graphics
  • A lot of levels
  • Easy to play
  • Unlimited game time


  • You may lose track of time
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